Electronic Locks

Entering the courts

If you have booked a court you will be provided with a PIN number for that booking. At the gate just enter the PIN, press the Enter button and push the gate open. During lessons, competition and social tennis the gate will unlock automatically and just needs to be pushed open.

Entering the clubhouse

Only members and coaches can open the clubhouse using an electronic key fob.

To unlock the clubhouse:

  1. Hold key-fob near the bottom of the lock for a few seconds. You will see a light and hear a click.
  2. Twist the cylinder clockwise.

To lock the clubhouse:

  1. Close the door beyond you and it will lock automatically.

Care and handling

Though all locks are very durable, waterproof, weatherproof, dustproof, theft and damage-resistant please handle them with care.

Key Rules

Do not share or loan the key-fob to anyone. The locks have an audit trail. If there are any issues our locksmith can identify who and when members or otherwise used the lock.