2018 Williamstown Tennis Club Rules

Tennis Court Booking

The Williamstown Tennis Club (WTC) Courts may be booked (up to 7 days in advance) for no more than a one hour time slot per member playing, and must be booked using the Book A Court system. Members must play on the court they have booked. Members who have made a booking but who are unable to play must cancel their booking. Members who are found to repeatedly book a court, but then fail to play without cancelling their booking, may have their booking rights revoked for a period determined by the Committee. Members who have booked a court are expected to start and finish play on time when others are waiting. Courts may also be hired by non-members for a fee, also through the Book A Court system.


Correct tennis clothing, including regulation tennis shoes or flat-soled athletic runners, must be worn at all times on the courts. No corrugated soles, shoes with heels or any other footwear that could damage the court surface will be permitted.


Kitchen, amenities and rooms must be left clean and tidy. Any dishes used must be washed, dried and returned to the cupboard after use. The floor should always be swept after post-match snacks/suppers.

The clubrooms may, in line with the Policy and Procedures created for the purpose, be available to be hired or used for non-WTC events.

No person is permitted to remain overnight (11pm – 7am) in the clubhouse.


All club equipment, chairs etc. must be returned to the clubhouse or storeroom after use.

Supervision of Children

Young children must be kept off the court areas for their own safety, and are not permitted in the clubhouse without adult supervision.


For safety reasons and in consideration of other members, it is preferable that members and guests refrain from bringing dogs onto club premises. However, in the event that members do bring dogs onto the club premises, the dogs must be retained on a leash, must not be allowed onto the court surface, and must not interfere with play or others present at the Club.


The lights work automatically through the Book A Court booking management system. Members should not manually alter the settings of the lights.

Membership Fees

The club membership year runs from 1 Sep to 31 Aug.

Annual membership fees are due and payable from 1st July until 1st September each year. They are collected through the online membership system.

New members should also join through the online membership system. New members who join mid-way through the membership year will automatically have their annual membership fee pro-rated through the system.

Members who have let their membership lapse for up to 12 mths must pay the yearly membership fee, as though remaining current. Members who have let their membership lapse more than 1yr must pay the joining fee to rejoin.

No refunds will be given if membership is cancelled, either by the member or by Committee.

Competition Fees

Competition fees are additional to membership fees and must be paid by the second week of the competition.

All competition players nominated as part of a team at the beginning of each season must be financial members of the club. In the event of needing non-nominated emergency fill-ins during the season, club members must be approached in the first instance. In the event that no club member can be found to fill in, a non-member may be approached to avoid forfeiting, but only after consultation with a Committee member.


The contracted coaches (vstar tennis) have exclusive rights to all commercial coaching at the Williamstown Tennis Club. Any member found engaging in professional coaching outside these arrangements either as a coach or a participant will have their membership cancelled without refund.


The Williamstown Tennis Club is a proudly smoke-free venue.


The Williamstown Tennis Club may consider sponsorship arrangements for the Club as a whole, or for individual teams, in line with the Policy and Procedures created for the purpose.